365 days

Category: baby | January 19th, 2012

at 1:19pm on 1-19-11… :) a moment i will never EVER forget (especially since i wrote it down here) ;) we love you sweet girl. you are amazing. praise God.

11 months…a little late.

Category: baby | January 18th, 2012

i said i’d do a birthday party today post but i feel i should get caught up and do her 11 month pics. so maybe she turned 11 months a month ago, but i’ve been busy. ;) but this was her at 11 months over the Christmas break. i actually didn’t have any non-phone photos of her so i had to ask my mom to send me some she took.

11 months was a fun time! P started taking her first steps (well technically at 10.5 months) and being even more adventurous as before…climbing onto everything possible and getting into anything and everything. with that brought more scrapes and bruises, poor girl. made her look tough though. ;) her fav word is still dada. and she learned “ackle” for apple! :) she had her first Christmas and i’m pretty sure she loved it, especially being with all her family. oh and ever since her daddy took off a few days for Christmas and was able to spend more time with her she’s becoming a daddy’s girl. i guess i’m okay with that. ;) it’s sweet. she stills gives me tons of attention, but it’s sweet to see her bonding even more with him. i know he loves it too. AND sweet girl learned how to give hugs!! my fav. she squeezes her stuffed animals so hard and leans her head on them. makes me smile EVERY time. (still working on kisses) can’t wait for those open mouth slobbery kisses!

ps…look at all that hair!!! it’s growing! :)

p’s birthday week

Category: baby, everyday | January 15th, 2012

it’s party week people! i have been a little busy these past few days. i wanted to get a post in at least but that hasn’t happened. oops. you know when you think something will take an hour…well triple it. that’s really how long it takes. ;) at least for me that is. lots of little things pop up that need to get done and then random things get thrown at you. lol. but it’s birthday week!!

we had her big family shindig on saturday and it was so much fun seeing everyone!! our entire immediate family came into town just for her (we did miss a couple due to not feeling well. sad day). it was like our wedding day-happened all too fast. lol. got lots of good pics (thanks K & H!) so i am excited to go through them and show ya a few…okay a lot. ;)

i can’t believe this tiny human being is about to be one (on thursday!). it’s fun to think back one year ago and see how my life has changed completely…for the better of course. i won’t get all mushy on this post…i’ll save it for her birthday. :) i’m so going to be that mom who says all that sweet lovey dovey stuff to them on their special day in front of all their friends. ;)

here’s to more celebrations! P has a little birthday play date with all her buddies tomorrow. excited to leave the party decor up for a little longer. :) have a great week everyone!!!

things in new places

Category: baby, everyday | January 11th, 2012

over these past few days i think it has really clicked with miss p and this walking thing. she has been walking around like it’s her job! it is sooo cute. she has made so much progress literally over night. and now she loves picking things up (especially from the pantry) and carrying them to me or in random places….where i find them later. and it makes me smile. i love it. (until i can’t find something that i really really need right at that moment…i know who to blame) ;) but seriously. loving this. (which reminds me i’m behind on her 11 months photos. must get on that). here are just a few “things in new places” i found around the house this past week.

1. taco seasoning in my closet 2. paci in cheerios box 3. toothpaste in guest bathroom cabinet. :)

what an eventful morning

Category: baby, everyday | January 6th, 2012

so a dear friend of mine asked me if i would be a part of her natural home birth for her sweet baby boy. ummmm….of course! i was soooo excited and literally felt like it was my baby with all the waiting and not knowing when he was going to come. so i had my bags packed. sure enough i get a call at 12:08am this morning and i headed out asap! took me about 50 minutes to get there and then one more hour later sweet Emerson Obanion blessed us with his presence. i won’t go into details but let’s just say everything could not have gone any better. praise the Lord. what a miracle…and to be a part of it! once in a life time!! (unless someone else asks me too) ;) the little family is doing awesome and is crazy in love!

it was so awesome to be on the other side this time. AND they had the same midwife and assistants that we had with penelope. it was like a lil reunion. love those ladies. came home early this morning and was able to take a 2.5 hr nap with miss p. very much needed. can’t wait to watch this lil man grow up!