things in new places

Category: baby, everyday | January 11th, 2012

over these past few days i think it has really clicked with miss p and this walking thing. she has been walking around like it’s her job! it is sooo cute. she has made so much progress literally over night. and now she loves picking things up (especially from the pantry) and carrying them to me or in random places….where i find them later. and it makes me smile. i love it. (until i can’t find something that i really really need right at that moment…i know who to blame) ;) but seriously. loving this. (which reminds me i’m behind on her 11 months photos. must get on that). here are just a few “things in new places” i found around the house this past week.

1. taco seasoning in my closet 2. paci in cheerios box 3. toothpaste in guest bathroom cabinet. :)