11 months…a little late.

Category: baby | January 18th, 2012

i said i’d do a birthday party today post but i feel i should get caught up and do her 11 month pics. so maybe she turned 11 months a month ago, but i’ve been busy. ;) but this was her at 11 months over the Christmas break. i actually didn’t have any non-phone photos of her so i had to ask my mom to send me some she took.

11 months was a fun time! P started taking her first steps (well technically at 10.5 months) and being even more adventurous as before…climbing onto everything possible and getting into anything and everything. with that brought more scrapes and bruises, poor girl. made her look tough though. ;) her fav word is still dada. and she learned “ackle” for apple! :) she had her first Christmas and i’m pretty sure she loved it, especially being with all her family. oh and ever since her daddy took off a few days for Christmas and was able to spend more time with her she’s becoming a daddy’s girl. i guess i’m okay with that. ;) it’s sweet. she stills gives me tons of attention, but it’s sweet to see her bonding even more with him. i know he loves it too. AND sweet girl learned how to give hugs!! my fav. she squeezes her stuffed animals so hard and leans her head on them. makes me smile EVERY time. (still working on kisses) can’t wait for those open mouth slobbery kisses!

ps…look at all that hair!!! it’s growing! :)