DIY wood painting

Category: DIY | December 1st, 2011

diy 495x330 DIY wood painting
so there was this piece of wood nailed to a tree out front before we moved into our house….and it stayed there for about a year and a half after we moved in. lol. finally took it down (and of course kept it). and gave it a little makeover!
IMG 1236 495x330 DIY wood painting
not exactly sure what it says, but this is before.
IMG 1237 495x330 DIY wood painting
IMG 1238 495x330 DIY wood painting
IMG 1245 495x330 DIY wood painting
IMG 1240 495x330 DIY wood painting
gave it a nice white coat. didn’t coat the entire thing though. then put on a sea greenish color after..then a tan color. i used the lovely acrylic paint. it’s cheap and dries fast! i did the layers while the paint was still wet so it blended nicely. or at least i think so. ;) (oh and Christmas music in the background makes it better).
IMG 1254 495x330 DIY wood painting
so here was the tricky part. i saw this super cute DIY on pinterest and wanted to use this. so i printed it out (it’s supposed to be backwards) and got it all aligned and then went to town (following the instructions word for word).
IMG 1255 495x330 DIY wood painting
IMG 1256 495x330 DIY wood painting
but sadly, after i rubbed as hard as i could without ripping the paper…this is what i ended up with. umm, nothing. haha. sooo clearly i did something wrong. who knows. (if you find out, please tell! i’d love to try this again)
IMG 1257 495x330 DIY wood painting
so i decided to just do it the old fashion way and eye ball it with a pen…
IMG 1258 495x330 DIY wood painting
and then painted it. i diluted the paint with a little water to give it a washed out look.
IMG 1263 495x330 DIY wood painting
IMG 1264 495x330 DIY wood painting
after it dried, which was super fast, i sanded it a bit to make it even more old looking. does it look like i tried too hard?? lol
IMG 1268 495x330 DIY wood painting
and yay! for those of you who don’t know….that’s when we got married. :)
IMG 1281 495x297 DIY wood painting
IMG 1283 495x742 DIY wood painting
IMG 1299 495x329 DIY wood painting
our entryway is a work in progress at the moment. i’m liking it above the door. adds a nice touch. :) it was super easy guys! i want to do more! but i have no random wood laying around…anyone close have any they don’t want?? ;)

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  • Kelly

    i’ve been wanting to try that!! I love it!

  • beth@dot in the city

    i love it! and thanks for the pinterest pointers :) i have to try something like this!

  • danielle

    love it! i have been wanting to do one like this as well but also don’t have any random wood parts lying about. haha.

  • naomi

    I love this sign! So cute!
    I’ve read (on pinterest!) that if you lay the paper down where you want the words to be, then trace them with a bic pen, when you lift up the paper there will be a little indentation of the letters. It will also help keep the paint inside the letters, acting sort of like a little moat. I’ve only tried it once and it turned out pretty good.
    Good luck finding more wood to paint on! Can’t wait to see what else you make!