we’re still here

Category: everyday | April 30th, 2012

hi!!! man, it’s been awhile since i’ve posted last. my apologies. i usually blog at night after miss P goes to bed. but umm….her bedtime has now become my bedtime. so now i don’t have those extra 3 hours to do stuff after she sleeps. haha. but i’m still here and praise the Lord i am feeling much better!! surprised it has come this early. i thought i would be miserable for at least a few more weeks. prayer is pretty powerful people. :)

i had a midwife appt last week and everything looks great! i was super excited about this appt because i was 10 weeks along and usually that’s the earliest you are able to hear the heart beat. so clearly i was pumped about it. unfortunately we couldn’t hear it. apparently my uterus is low. lol. but it’s a not a bad sign…it’s common. so just gotta wait (patiently) until next visit. in 3 more weeks. ugh. ;)

*a huge shout out to all my etsy customers too. they have been champs when it comes to being flexible and understanding. i have been getting more orders lately and with my lack of extra time it has taken a little longer than normal. so thank you guys!! y’all are the best.

*i attempted a knitted bow necklace for a friend of mine and it turned out really cute. might be a new etsy listing??