weekly workout

Category: everyday | March 7th, 2011

it’s the beginning of the week…so it’s a great time to start a workout routine (well any day is a great day, but yea). i mentioned last week that i wanted to start a weekly workout routine on here, so here goes. **i still have to start off easy since i am not fully recovered (went to midwife last week and she said i need a couple more weeks til i can do certain things like running…bummer)

*you can definitely modify this to your own preference. if there are any exercises that you are unfamiliar with, feel free to ask me and i’ll try to explain them!
**legs and crunches are all body weight/arms, chest, back are with hand weights or anything that you can hold that is a good weight for you (start off small, 3-5lbs,  and work your way up throughout the weeks)
***give yourself a 1-2 minutes in between each exercise (or more if needed)

ok! here we go..let me know if you are going to workout (with this or your own plan) and we can be accountability partners! really helps!

peace and love