weekend fun

Category: everyday | May 3rd, 2010

definitely needed a weekend from our weekend! we filled our days with lots of events with different people….which was tons of fun but wore us out! took husband out to a celebratory dinner friday night…..will share later when we find out for sure! then went downtown and surprised him with tix to see Mono play at emo’s!
if you’ve never heard this band, you’re missing out. (thanks brandon for sharing!!) they are intense!!! like camping. but for real. awesome. japanese band that is all instrumental. and the girl plays base. she’s my fav.
had a great meeting with the youth on saturday then met up with my rents who came into town. met up with more family at the texas baseball game. husband had never seen a baseball game before…sad. ha but we enjoyed it! definitely had to leave early since it was almost midnight and they were not even done! ended up winning in 14th inning! hook em!
we taught my niece well. :)
lil trav’s almost got it…
sunday was husband’s birthday!!! since we had been going 100 mph he wanted to just relax. so cooked up a butt load of lasagna and just had a few people over for dinner. he made the dessert, which was lite and delish, and he was very proud of it! (forgot to take a pic of it). it was pretty too. threw in some good convos, good guitar playing, and relaxation. it was nice.
birthday boy!!

finally settled down to some 30 rock. :) now for lovely monday! today’s agenda=giving molly panda a bath…yay!

peace and love