trick or treat

Category: everyday | November 2nd, 2012

we had another great halloween over here in our little neighborhood. we met up with some friends for some food and fellowship and then parted our ways to get the good stuff. :) it was so fun seeing all the little ones in their cute outfits! i was impressed with a lot of them and how they kept their entire costume on the whole time!! pretty sure P wouldn’t last long. she did keep her skirt on. score! we managed to get a few “posed” pictures of the group. ha. P didn’t last long and was ready to go! she was so excited.

this year it was extra special for miss P because 1) she could walk and 2) she actually understand what was going on. she even managed to say trick or treat! but mainly it was “more candy please.” ha. at least she said please. it was hard for her to understand the you-can’t-have-all-the-candy idea. heart breaking. she went for all the tootsie rolls. ew. ;)

i was please with how her costume turned out. i wanted to keep it simple and it worked out. i originally attempted to dye a shirt for her in a royal blue color so she could look more like a peacock but umm…it turned out lavender. what? i even did it twice. it’s whatever. her black dress worked out better. ;) AND if you didn’t notice….her super tiny but cute pigtails!!! very proud. she managed to keep at least one in tact by the end of the night. ;)

hope everyone had a great night and got lots of goodies! eat responsibly! ;)