tie dye all day.

Category: DIY | April 14th, 2010

hello all!! wanted to share a little make over i did today. sooo i got this dress for uber cheap awhile back but never wore it because the top part didn’t fit me very well…lame.
sooo naturally i tried fixing it. i had a thought of putting some elastic banding around the top edges to make them more “supported”. hard to explain i guess. haha. anyways….i pretty much butchered it. don’t want to talk about it. lol. i loved the colors and tie dye so i couldn’t just quit…so i just cut the top part off!
chopped off the top.
took some jersey and made a waist band.
sewed one side to the waist band.
then folded the band and sewed the other side with a top stitch.
(forgot to take step by step pics) :(
now that i look at it…i probably should have ironed it….but oh well. it adds character. :)
got some crazy lighting but looks fun!
ready to go!

i heart wednesdays! spent the afternoon tie dying shirts with my girlfriends. good times. :) now off to youth. everyone have a blessed evening! don’t forget to check out my giveaway!!!

peace and love