some loves…

Category: everyday | January 7th, 2010

so it’s a new year…and a new job!! i am happy to say that i get to take care of/play/teach 3 of my wonderful nieces all day. they are a handful but i absolutely love it and them. so this week i have been working on my new routine and getting everything settled back in from the holidays. now i can get back in the groove of my classes and crafts! i’m excited…so in the mean time, here are a few loves that i have…
colorful candy
colorful candy!! (that I thankfully have cut back on) :)
colored twizzlers
colored twizzlers?! sweetness.
rockband parties.
new years tree
took down the ornaments and added streamers=a new year’s tree!
all of these yummy veggies…
making salsa
plus a new food processor…
homemade salsa
equals awesome homemade salsa!!
heart pancakes
heart shaped pancakes…yes please!
and a hubby playing music for me in the kitchen while i cook. :)

i like how most of these loves are about food…hahaha. what can i say? i like food. more fun pictures to come!!! oooh AND i am getting extra excited for STYLE SCHOOL to start next week. going to be busy! have a great thursday!!! and of course….HOOK EM!!! championship game tonight!!

peace and love