royal’s owl party

Category: everyday | April 5th, 2010

baby royal
so autumn’s baby shower was tons of fun!! baby royal got lots of goodies and tons of love from friends and family. brandi, ashley, laura, and i did our best decorating, feeding, and hosting the shower.
added a little glue…
and made these fun toppers.
not gonna lie…they look kinda creepy after awhile. haha but they tasted so good! thanks beth for the help!
cut this out…
felt owls
and made these!!! they were my fav. i saw them here and thought they were perfect so i had to attempt. :)
made some fun homes for the baby owls to sit in.
center pieces
threw in some center pieces. going for the earthy look.
circle string
can’t go wrong with some circles on a string.
brandi did a cute job decorating the napkins and cups!
owl outfit
check out this super cute outfit brandi got baby royal.
can’t forget some of the yummy food…it was pretty so i had to take a pic.
baby royal's robe
autumn looooved all of her precious gifts!
little hat
check out the hat…hehe
iris' owls
these owls are special! the body is made out of baby royal’s big sister iris’ hand prints. (that was a mouthful)
had tons of fun. babies are fun. can’t wait for mid june to come around!!! owl you need is love. ha :)

peace and love