renegade craft fair day!

Category: everyday | May 17th, 2010

after not having any trouble falling asleep on the hard floor with rockband playing super loud and a bunch of teenagers high on caffeine and sugar….i slept at the youth lock in friday night. it was magical. but i needed my sleep so i could make it to the renegade craft fair!
bribed ellen to wake up with a big cup of coffee from starbucks and made our way to meet up with charissa and kate in a big room full of handmade goodies! so much inspiration!
mustache ellen
AND met one of my fav bloggers that i follow!! elsie with red velvet art and a beautiful mess. never thought i’d ever meet her since she lives way up north but i did! bought some cute hair bows of hers too!
and of course had to go back and take a pic with her (pretty sure she won’t remember me but it was a super lovely to meet her!)
*finished my day with falling asleep during a movie and yogurt planet! lol. my day was kind of thrown off a little, but super excited about the craft fair! had a lovely sunday as well. love sundays. love God. He is amazing. hope everyone has a great monday!!

peace and love