psl love.

Category: baby, everyday | September 7th, 2010

one day…i believe there will be a starbucks (or any decent coffee shop for that matter) placed near my house out in the sticks. one day. until then….i will enjoy my 40 minute round trip to starbucks and back for that perfect *decaf, soy, no whip, no sprinkles pumpkin spice latte* it was so worth it.
sb and heart pancakes
went perfectly with heart pancakes. spent the rest of the day with husband. even though we cleaned out the garage half of the day it was fun. he let me play Christmas music. i don’t know what it is…well i do know. i heart Christmas. but it seems i have started EXTRA early this year. but that’s okay. :) i LOVE putting frank sinatra holiday on pandora and listening to all the amazing oldies holiday music. baby has been kicking (or punching) like it’s its job lately. i think its the music. its a fan too. ;)

hope everyone enjoys there day today! it’s nice and cool and rainy here. *smiles*

peace and love