plaid pillow partners.

Category: DIY | March 1st, 2010

hi everyone!!! hope y’all had a great weekend! we had a dinner and movie night with the youth, got to hang out with one of my oldest friends, cooked lots and lots of homemade vegan meals, had a fabulous time at church and gospel lunch, listened to one of the best times i’ve heard my hubs play his songs there, celebrated father in law’s 60th bday, and lots of laughs! whew. i thought i’d start the week off with a super easy BUT super fun project.
orange plaid
pink plaid
i had these two lovies that i got for only $2 bucks. both with POCKETS. heart pockets. these were xl men’s so clearly couldn’t fit, and i didn’t feel like tailoring¬† sooo cut out 2 matching pieces (i chose 15 x 12 inches. random but fun) on both shirts….and literally just sewed the whole thing with 1/4 in seam allowance. then threw in some stuffing. and….
pink pillow
orange pillow
these were soo easy. no hand sewing involved since you have the lovely buttons down the middle. just sew inside out…and then turn it right side out, stuff it, and then button! :) probably took me 30 minutes total to do both of them from start to finish.
orange pillow
i am pondering what i want to stitch/embroider on the front. i’m thinking a fun saying that i can put on both…not sure what though! need some creative suggestions please!!! :)
bed pillows
for now they will live here.

peace and love