pajamas all day long

Category: DIY | April 19th, 2010

i like to wear pajamas. all day. :) i even wear them to the grocery store. now, i’m talking about comfy pants and shirts…nothing crazy. :) anyways…i had these pants for the longest time and would wear it around the house but never out because they were too short for me to wear in public and be okay with it. a little picky i know. check it…
old pants
old (wrinkly…who irons pajamas??) and short pants.
bias tape
busted out with some bias tape. this was already made but making your own bias tape is easy! maybe i can make that a tutorial some day. cut off about 5 inches of the pants and slapped this on…and bam!
new pants
new pants that i can wear out and not feel awkward. haha. if you don’t have bias tape you can just easily turn up the hem and sew the edges for a clean finish. super, super easy! since i am kinda tall i have had to do this to a lot of pants. :)

peace and love