painting progress

Category: everyday | June 29th, 2011

…has been a little slow since we started, but at least we started! lol. two half doors are done! that’s right, i said doors. we are painting our doors instead of the walls. one) why not?, and two) it’s much faster, cheaper and easier to paint the doors…just take the doors off the hinges and paint it in the garage. don’t have to worry about spilling on carpet or anything and away from baby. and the mister liked the idea too! sweet!

off come the pantry doors, husband marking all the hinge and knob locations. so organized. :) he also deglossed it for me and got everything all ready. so sweet.

painting in action, and of course there’s molly waiting with a stick in her mouth. a puny stick. anyways,  i decided since i’m the one in the kitchen all the time then i get to pick the color. went with a salmony, coral color. husband thinks it’s pink. he also said it looks like we’re painting for a little girl’s room. it’s whatever. it’s a fun little girl’s room color then. hopefully today i can do the other sides of the doors and put them back up and admire them. and then move on to the other 15 doors in the house. ;)