one of those days.

Category: everyday | July 6th, 2010

so today was one of those days. we all have them. i’m just glad it’s almost over. tonight will be a little rough with my usual routine of waiting til the last minute to turn everything in for school tonight. :) at the end of my 8th week out of 10. CANNOT WAIT! then only one more term and i am free. then no more school for me. i think i have had my fill. :) i need my time to get physically and mentally prepared for this baby. had a little break down today…but that’s ok. i blame it on the hormones. :) i did learn a valuable and hopefully not expensive lesson today. so i suppose that’s good. ha

trying to keep cool in this ridiculously hot, HOT weather. i don’t even want to step outside. i sweat from walking to my car to the front door. sad. the sun is almost done setting and it’s still 90 degrees. i forgot about texas summers. well enough complaining…just had to get it out there. husband can only take so much. lol. jk. he takes it all…lovingly.

well have a great night. here’s to a better day tomorrow!!

peace and love