oh so thankful….even for giveaways!!!

Category: everyday | November 27th, 2009

thanksgiving was fabulous..super short, but fabulous. unfortunately i had to work the day before and after thanksgiving, but we still managed to travel and hang out with both sides of the family. going to have another family dinner (leftovers!) on Sunday too! can’t get enough of family, especially since we are growing!

i hope everyone had a fabulous time! whether it’s relaxing, eating, or playing/watching tons of football. of course we did it all. wouldn’t be right if we didn’t. back to reality now, but that means i get to craft! so that’s exciting.

ps….husband said i can’t put up Christmas decor until after thanksgiving so yay!!! can’t wait!
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as soon as i get my pics up i want to show y’all this cute lil shirt i made for my niece emery for her 1 year birthday!!! turned out super cute. : ) have a fabulous friday!!!

check out these super cute giveaways from grosgrain fabulous!!
Charm Design $50 gift card guest giveaway!!!
annnnnd….Peppermint Stick Holiday Frock Grosgrain Giveaway!!!
2 holding cup
cute lil outfit to go along with a fabulous drink. sounds good to me!

ahhh so much to do. i love it.
peace and love