new home for the earrings

Category: DIY | May 13th, 2010

so i don’t have that many earrings, but i do have enough that i have to dig my way through them to find the matching pair. clearly needed a new place for them. (realized i have a few of my bestie’s earrings as well) :)
i also had 3 grease splatter screens. i don’t know about you but i don’t use 3 of them.
spray paint
so i took one and spray painted it! i only did the screen part since i knew i was going to cover up the handle.
gave the handle some fanciness. started at the screen end and worked my way down the handle. hot gluing spots every now and then.
wrapped all the way around, but make sure to leave the very end open so you can use that to hang it up.
found this bow i made awhile back and added a bobby pin to the back.
seems fitting for the summer. and since it’s just pinned on there you can change out the bow to fit your mood or season. :)
time to add your earrings!
hang it up and yay! not only is it all nice and organized, but it’s pretty too! :) i’d love to see what others have done with the splatter screens…have a great day!!!

peace and love