new design = time…and a few photos

Category: everyday | September 5th, 2012

1. fav summer treat
2. latest order from PLC (my fav thing to make)
3. the mister preaching at church
4. P and her sweet friend
5. huge longhorn in our neighbor’s yard
6. P trying on her first dress up outfit (thanks aunt jeni!)

we have been in the finishing stages of the new design layout of the blog and i was told the best thing to do is to not write any new posts for a bit. it’s been a bit. ;) i am still here and alive. lots has been going on. excited to share all my posts i have lined up. is it weird that i am wanting to wait until the new blog goes live to publish the posts?? lol. well i figured i should write a little update and just say hi.

i think i can finally say we have gotten back into our daily/weekly routines here now that we have been back from our road trip. man, that took awhile to recover from….and i think coming home to 100 degree weather after having a nice break from it was harder than i thought too. haha. you would think after all these years of crazy summer heat that i would be used to it. (it’s different when you’re pregnant!) :)

well i will wait until the new blog is live to post more stories and events…and a few giveaways!!?? what? i’m going all out on this. haha. (ps…if any friends/companies would like to be a part of a giveaway on the new blog then let me know!) :):)