missions auction @ My Life-His Mission

Category: everyday | March 29th, 2011

i am super excited to announce this special auction! kerry over at My Life – His Mission is an amazing woman of God and has been called to do mission work. she has done missions before, but this medical mission is special since her husband is coming along too. however, they need some financial assistance to get them over there….and by there i mean the Dominican Republic. (my bestie actually went on a trip to the DR last summer too!)

here’s where you and i come in…kerry is holding an auction on her blog starting tomorrow, march 30! i, along with several other bloggers, have donated an item to help out. i am so excited to see what other items there are. this is such a neat idea, how could i not help out?! here is the piece i donated. it’s a modern acrylic painting i did on a 24″ x 30″ x 3/4″ canvas. wouldn’t you like to hang this in your home?! or give it to someone as a gift. it’s a win/win situation. you get something fun and cute, and you help send a family to go out and help other families and spread the good word. :) awesomeness.

you can help out in 5 ways!
1) go to her site and check out the auction (starts tomorrow!)
2) tell all your friends about the auction
3) participate in the auction! :)
4) if you don’t want to participate in the auction, i am sure she would take donations to help out as well.
5) if anything, be thinking of them and praying for them as they travel and do their work.

husband and i are definitely wanting to take mission trips in the future…once our kid(s) are old enough. this is a huge passion of ours and can’t wait to have that opportunity when we are called. i am excited for kerry and her group and hope to see much success with this auction!