mini makeover

Category: DIY | October 5th, 2011

so it’s been super quiet on the blog but we’ve been super busy over here. a good busy. i have been a bow and headband making fool over here. it’s so much fun!!! even if i don’t get nearly as much sleep as i should and i look tired all the time. haha. i love it. i did however manage to squeeze in some me time the other day and got my hair did. :) if you know me then you would know that it has taken me YEARS to grow my hair out this length so i am not about to cut it off. i want to enjoy it for a little longer, but clearly i got bored with it so i colored it. and thanks to my sweet/honest/straight forward friends (lol) they suggested red. and of course thanks to my fav hair salon ever- Lush! so here it is……AND i love it!

eeeek! fun. i joined the redhead club. here’s another pic in better lighting to show the redness. :)

thanks again vanessa! you’re amazing! :)