mexican food and bubble tea

Category: everyday | November 6th, 2010

probably not the best combination, but it was fabulous. went out to hula hut on the lake with some friends last night. it was nice. :) need to have more of these outings with these people!
husband and i
hubs was super cute and tried to surprise me too, but he doesn’t do well with keeping secrets. haha. but still loved my surprise guest! :)

they gave me yummy dessert. even better when it’s free.
then we went over to my fav bubble tea place, coco’s cafe for some yummy drinks. 
the boys showing off their girlie smoothies.
autumn and bubble tea
autumn was really concentrating/nervous on trying to get some pearls.  :) then i stole all of them.
bubble tea
i heart bubble tea. taro is my fav. with pearls and lychee! all in all it was a great night with friends. low key and lots of laughs. came home late and passed out. it was way past my bed time. but worth it. slept in this morning and had some coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. nom nom nom. then went to work on the baby dresser/changing table. 2 hours of teamwork later…..
dresser/changing table
tada! yay. there was one piece that was broken. not cool. but it still works. lol. and weird thing…you can’t see it but one of the back/bottom pieces is a completely different color. supposed to be white but it was dark brown. i was like ummm what is this. but you can’t see it so we just went with it. haha. oh well. it’s coming together! another thing to check off the list!

here’s to more productive days!

peace and love