makeover: toy box style

Category: DIY | January 11th, 2011

baby girl is starting to get a cute and furry collection of toys and i don’t really have a spot for them just yet.
she also got this from a sweet friend and it came with a fun box, that for some reason i couldn’t throw away. (thinking i could do something with it, of course) ps. can’t wait for her to use this. i think it’s so fun!
toy box
soooo a toy box it is!
things i used:
-lovely bumbo box
-scrap paper
-old fitted sheet that conveniently had the elastic still in it
-bias tape (this one is from 1974…39 cents) awesome
-hot glue gun
-mod podge
-sewing machine or hand stitching

(you can totally use different materials. all fabric would be very nice too, but i guess i got lazy)
cutting paper
1. cut the paper to the measurements of the box (i used that nifty little device to make sure i cut straight)
mod podge
2. mod podge the paper on the box (i cut the top off of the box before hand, but you can decorate that too and use it if you’d like)
bias trim
3. measure/cut out bias trip and hot glue the trim to the corners
4. while that is drying you can sew the inside fabric piece (right sides together). you pretty much sew a miniature fitted bed sheet (kind of) ;)
*tip: using elastic is the idea. and makes for the fitting part so much easier! so basically i didn’t really measure nicely because the elastic works wonders. just make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. :)
5. then place the fabric on the inside and wrap it over the top! i had a lot of extra fabric but no one will see that, right?
side view
6. then put whatever it is you want to store in the pretty box.
happy home
toy box
yay! temporary spot for now. so for all you people out there who are like me and save random things because you see them having another life….here’s one thing to change it into! I am all about restyling old things.

ps. i am almost 100% done with the baby room. so i’ll post pics of the room soon!

peace and love