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Category: baby | November 4th, 2010

happy today is my friday! i have work with the girls then straight to baby class! going to be a long, but eventful day. i’m loving the baby classes. learning lots. husband secretly loves them too.
we finally found a stroller that we both love…and is reasonable! i really LOVE the pram style, but just can’t dish out 700 bucks for the trendy ones. but i’m excited about this one. it does the whole two face direction twist thing and angles for the older ones. :) AND husband said he was secretly excited too. hahah. cracked me up when he told me that. love him.

i have my dallas shower next weekend!! so happy to go home and visit friends and family. PLUS my sister is already 1 cm dilated! she’s due on the 22nd…if not sooner! so excited. lots to be excited about. it has been so fun being pregnant with her at the same time. i’m assuming she doesn’t mind all my questions. :) and i have been craving snuffers, my fav restaurant, for a long time now! they don’t have any in austin….we are missing out. so hopefully we can go there…cheese fries. yum.

**so apparently my blog doesn’t fully show on all browsers. :( so my goal is to work on that and maybe give my blog some love this weekend. AND i need to post my next two belly series i have done. yay. getting bigger! i have my next appt on friday. i get to do the fun glucose test (it actually is fun, i get to eat a big breakfast!) and get my super fun Rh shot. blah. i don’t like shots.

have a great thursday everyone. be blessed. tell people you love them. :)

peace and love