just a peek…and a giveaway?!

Category: everyday | February 15th, 2010

coffee cups

ahhh…new week. cup of joe (new additions to our coffee mug collection). feeling good. this past week and weekend was ridiculous! ridiculously fun. so many events. here’s a tiny peek of what my life is like….outside of my work and school life (which make up a huge part of my life as well).

mocha monday girls
mocha monday with my ladies. look forward to this weekly event. love them. (ps. old pic but the only one i had of all of us together..ha)

birthday sign
family birthday dinner for my sister in law, rachel. the girls made a sign for her :) then went home and FINALLY finished my two papers and successfully finished another term at school!!

megan and cupcake
melissa and cupcake
had a little youth valentines get together on wednesday up at church and then thursday had our first field trip with the girls!! went to autumns house for a valentines craft party. the girls (megan and melissa) loved their cupcakes, and baby michelle was pulling herself up on everything and everyone..including ladies we just met. :)

cfa ice cream
yep….all three car seats fit in my little car. success. on the way home had to stop by my fav place, chick fil a, for some lunch. yummm.

bible study
also started a new womens bible study up at church on thursday nights. oh so excited!!! (took us an hour and a half to get to church because of the bad weather and traffic…wasn’t so happy about that, but we made it..barely) :)

open mic
we then jaunted on over to angel’s for open mic night and the hubs and his bff, bobby, played some songs. that’s always fun!

cross painting
cross painting
got a haircut!!! then went over to church and painted a fun scene on one of the kid’s church walls. the hubby designed this a long time ago and though it would be fun to use it. turned out pretty nice.

rachel's bday
rachel! we look like we’re the same age ;) had a fun time dancing the night away for her birthday.

breakfast with the youth. girl’s day….painting nails, chick flicks (the proposal…oh man. i heart that movie. i laughed so much!) taught the girls how to make bows, made bracelets, and baked a ton of mini red velvet cupcakes and a cute red velvet heart cake…with homemade cream cheese icing. then off to celebrate another birthday for my girl corrie!!! had a good time with them. :)

new bag!
valentine’s day!!! church was awesome. then spent the whooooole rest of the day with my love. he got me this oh so cute bag. he did well!! :) decided not to eat dinner and ate our homemade chocolate covered strawberries instead. haha (had some leftover melted chocolate, so we took made peanut butter ritz cracker sandwiches and then smothered them in chocolate….uh-mazing)…all the chocolate + and little bit of wine + super crazy busy week = i crashed at 8:45pm. hahah. what can i say….good week. :)

here’s a few more fun pics i want to share….
amazing sunset
sophie diop
my bestie’s sweet sweet sophie diop. :)
molly panda
molly panda is ready to play.
sweet family
i heart my sister, jeni, and adorable niece, emery. xox

i’m glad i can share a part of my life with everyone!!! to start off this week (well really it’s tomorrow) i’m going to have my first giveaway!!! ahhh..not sure how it will turn out, but i am excited. it’s going to be small, but it’s the thought right?!? :) love y’all oh so much! have a great week! come back tomorrow for the giveaway!!

peace and love