i want…

Category: everyday | August 12th, 2010

i realized my want list is piling up…hmmm

i want:
* a haircut (it’s been since february….ha)
* to get enough sleep
* this morning sickness to go away
* to buy lots of baby things :)
* to love coffee again…oh how i miss the need for it (decaf of course)
* a personal chef that will make allll my meals and millions of snacks
* to hang out with husband even more
* to make lots of things that are on my list!
* to hang out with family & friends more

….but then i got to realize that i don’t need all of these things and i don’t want to be selfish. i need to realize the important things in life that i need to want. i am so very blessed for what i have and can be totally content with what i have :) praise God. He has done lots of things in our lives and i have no idea where i’d be without Him.

today is thursday…which means almost friday! eeeek! we’re going camping with the youth tomorrow too! get excited for no sleep…lol have a great day everyone! and be blessed for what you have!!!

ps. husband got an ipad for work and it is sooo addicting. good investment though. :)
saw this…and it is pretty awesome. :)

peace and love