i finally did it…

Category: everyday | March 2nd, 2011

yep, that’s right. i finally opened an etsy shop! this has been a goal for quite some time, and i finally sucked it up. ;) i’m a rookie so go easy on me. but i will say that i have been inspired by reading all of my sponsor’s advice about opening a shop and how to just go for it. so here we go! let’s see how it goes.

i am super excited though. esp since i am not working at the moment…feels good to help contribute to the family, even if super small. ;) every cent counts! i will be adding new items everyday!! keep checking in….and buy one?!  haha i kid, but that’d be nice. ;)

i’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions to help better my etsy experience. :)
***first 10 buyers get free shipping!! coupon code: FIRST10

peace and love