i am a flexitarian

Category: everyday | March 27th, 2012

guys. this is a real thing. haha. i may be behind on this but i have never heard of it. i thought they just made the term up (well they kind of did), but i didn’t think it was real. sure enough, i have read several different articles about the flexitarian diet and see it more and more on the web. right now i would say we are flexitarians, which pretty much means you are a “flexible vegetarian”…as in you want to be a vegetarian but every now and then will eat meat (and in my case just chicken or turkey). i would say i have been this way for quite awhile now. we are working our way to becoming lacto ovo vegetarians (which don’t eat meat but eat dairy and egg products). with no meat dishes you do have to get creative with main entrees and tonight i tried a new recipe. it was delish! black bean-quinoa burgers. so i thought i’d share the recipe that i followed and encourage y’all to try the same!

(this might not look appetizing but it really is….and i forgot to take a pic of the final product.) ;)
easy to make but you do have to spend some time preparing. not too much though. added some bleu cheese and avocado on a toasted whole grain bun and you have an amazing dish!
*tip: i would add less water than what the recipe calls for when mixing the beans together (maybe 3/4-1 cup).

that’s all i have for now. ;) have a great rest of the week!