happy weekend.

Category: everyday | November 12th, 2010

after work today i get to go visit home and spend the weekend there! lots to do and all with family and friends! soooo excited.
baby emery
this is me with baby emery almost two years ago. and now i get to meet her new baby brother and hold him and kiss him and love him. my mom and i will be helping my sister out at the house and getting things all situated since lil josh decided to come early and she wasn’t exactly ready. yay for nesting! maybe i’ll get the urge to do it at my house when i get back.

also, super excited for my first baby shower!!! can’t wait to see loved ones who i haven’t seen in awhile. going to be fun! i am a little weird and don’t do well with so much attention towards just me. my bridal showers were way fun but it was weird having everyone looking at me. but this time i’ll just pretend they are looking at my big belly. :) all about you girlie.
husband and dresser
of course i’ll be missing husband. here he is tackling the baby dresser/changing table. it was definitely a two person job, but he did amazing. you can see it here! he’s even going to paint the baby room while i’m gone. oooh man. super excited to see that. it’s coming along. :)

what are you doing this weekend???

peace and love