happy thursday

Category: everyday | April 8th, 2010

yay thursday! it’s going to be a good day. hope everyone is having a great week. it’s almost done! just wanted to share some randoms today.
my nieces helped me make these goodies yesterday for some friends. i had to stop myself from eating so many. they were good!!
sweet molly
molly panda reading with husband.
tired molly
reading wore her out.
new addition to the apt. beautiful!
annnnd…this plant. i thought i killed it. i almost gave up…but i didn’t! a month of watering dead leaves later….
yay!!! there’s about 6 that are about to bloom!! super excited!

eeeeeek!!! they bloomed! i took the first pictures this morning and then i just came home to these!!! wonderful! this plant means a lot! :)

i am working on a little painting project….hmmm might be a giveaway?!? you’ll have to see! (if it turns out nice then i will…haha)