growing trees inside.

Category: everyday | January 18th, 2010

soo when you were a little girl (or boy…who knows) did y’all ever play with those neon colored panty hose material pony tail holders…totally do not know the name of them. but i played with them and did all sorts of fun finger knitting designs and patterns. well i did the same thing but with a continuous piece of yarn….and about 2 hours later…tada!
finger knitting
finger knitting
what to do with all this yarn? i used it for garland decoration during the holidays, but it’s too fun to just put away. so i used it for my studio corner. we are in an apt and are about to move (maybe) so we didn’t paint the walls (otherwise they would be all sorts of colors!!) sooo a tree will do instead. with some birdie friends. :)
finger knit tree
ha. it looks better in person. trust me. oh and the branches are real! lol
finger knit tree
i got the fun bird idea from disney over at ruffles and stuff. she is FULL of amazing ideas.
stopping bye to say hello!! hope everyone had a fabulous monday! off to drink some coffee and chat with some of my blessed.

peace and love