giveaway friday!!!

Category: giveaways | April 9th, 2010

yay for friday!!! good day to announce a giveaway!! i haven’t had much time lately to craft up something, but i did today AND i knew i wanted someone lovely to have it!!
peace and love
it’s an 11 x 14 inch canvas with acrylic paint. i guess you can say i was inspired by spring and my lovely plants that have been blooming!
can’t get enough of peace and love. :)
leave a lovely comment for me by sunday, april 18th! (that is a very special day for me as well! stay tuned to find out!!) and i’ll randomly pick a winner on monday, april 19th! until then it’s keeping my kitchen company. :)  **ps…if you are a follower then leave an extra comment for more chances to win!!

peace and love

  • trina

    super cute! your talent is limitless!

  • Dee

    Too cute! Love it!

  • Brandi Graham

    Kristen that is sooo cute!!! I love the leaves and the colors!!

  • Jess

    super cute & i have a wonderful spot on a wall to hang it! =)

  • Jess

    i’m a follower of your blog & love reading it!

  • Tracy

    It is a-dorable!! xoxo

  • Gary

    You’re such a multi-talented person!

  • Maike

    This looks awesome!

  • Homemade Mamas

    Cute cute cute! Love it!

  • Homemade Mamas

    And happily following!

  • alycia

    love this and i know why 18th is so special. :) love birds.

  • steph

    hey k10. ive found you on here, and think you’re beautiful and brilliant. so glad you arent afraid to go for it in so many ways and share the beauty! thanks! i love your creativity and talent.

  • Autumn

    oooooh I adore this!!! So talented you are!!! It would look fabulous in Baby’s room!!!!

  • Autumn

    Oh and Im a loyal follower. ;)

  • Emily

    So pretty! :) I love it. :)

  • stacy

    just checked out one pretty thing and that led me to homemade mamas and they led me to you. enjoyed looking around your blog and was thrilled to see your bio giving praise to Jesus! your artwork is so sweet and of course your blog name caught my interest right away. peace and love to you too!

  • Dianna

    Yummy. I’m looking forward to when plants begin to bloom up here (Canada’s north)! Great site, wonderful inspiration. Thanks

  • Sarah

    Love the canvas! The colors look great together! :)

  • Sarah

    I love following your blog. It makes me want to be crafty!