full weekend

Category: everyday | May 10th, 2011

a full weekend with lots of pics! i don’t normally carry my camera around (i just snap shots with my phone) but i decided to be a big girl and take my cam out and about. i should do it more often! i want to be that girl who always has her camera. :) well here’s my weekend in photos: (lots of photos!!)

1) lowering of the flag in honor of my Pops 2) University of Texas tower…which is where half of my family (including myself) went to school 3) my niece posing and looking cute 4) my cousin holding baby girl :)

5) dad secretly enjoying his *half priced frap 6) my SIL and her long flowy hair with P 7) P getting tired (she was amazing that day, even when we lugged her around everywhere in the heat) 8) view of UT from the UT tower…first time to ever go up there! 9) the building i pretty much lived in during college…the fashion building 10) lovely view of the capitol

11) my niece “practicing for motherhood” as she put it…hehe 12) my very handsome nephew…i managed to get him still for 2 seconds to take this shot 13) the hairpiece i made for one of the girls in youth for her prom! it was fun!

14) P and her lil swim suit. oh em gee. 15) oh and her jellies. hehe 16) this pic cracks me up 17) she secretly loves the camera 18) husband and a tiny motorcycle

19) busted out the guitar for some songs by the river 20) worn out P 21) a must have to help with this awful heat 22) molly panda and her stick..waiting patiently 23) Penny Pants looking cute for me on mother’s day. :)

man that was a lot of photos. sorry! i even narrowed it down about 3 times. i love busy weekends…especially with family. although it makes the days go by too fast. maybe this week will go by fast too! happy tuesday!!