friday :)

Category: baby, everyday | July 9th, 2010

this was a long week! but went by fast….is that possible? just glad it’s friday.

on wednesday we went to have my 12 week prenatal visit. this was the second ultra sound and it was amazing! i thought my first one of a tiny blob was a miracle, but after seeing this one….it looked like a real baby! ha. God is amazing. baby was moving around like crazy! dr said it was happy…pretty sure it was because i literally just had lunch. :) i can’t wait to actually feel the baby moving.
ice ceam
this week has been a little crazy and busy so haven’t hung out with husband that much so we’re making it a date night tonight. i’m feeling an ice cream date. that sounds amazing right now.
still have a lot to do with the house. need to make a little field trip (more like a long field trip) to ikea and get some cute (affordable) storage bins. i LOVE organizing! can’t wait to start my craft room. it might be the last thing i do….sigh. can’t wait to get back in the groove!

so i said i would start the weekly pics at week 12….so it’s about that time. get excited!! ps…my sister in law gave me some maternity clothes! i am super excited about that. i want to wear them now…but not quite ready.

come back later to check out my 12 week pic! everyone have a great day and weekend!!!!
ps. i had this huge craving for chicken tortilla soup at mcalister’s deli for abut 2 weeks now…and i am glad to say i FINALLY got it. it was about an hour drive but it was well worth it. i want it again too. it was so momentous i made husband take a pic of me. haha
crazy eyes waiting for my food.

peace and love