first halloween

Category: everyday | November 1st, 2011

well her first experience was a success. P met up with her little neighborhood buddies, had a mini photo shoot of course, and then went trick or treating. :)

the more pictures we took the more they moved. they gave us about 30 seconds and then they moved on. lol

she did very well with her costume (candy corn!) she surprisingly didn’t mess with her tutu or her massive bow. such a good girl. ;)

she made it longer than i thought. another mama let me wear her ergo for the last part of the walk and i think P loved it. she pretty much fell asleep after 5 minutes. i need to get one of those! :)

we went back home to hand out candy to the other kiddos and hang out with P’s bestie and her rents. so much fun. (*thanks H for staying up past your bedtime!) it was a good first experience. next year P will get to walk herself to the doors! eeeek. slow down!

let’s see how many years i can get away with making her costumes.