finally done!!

Category: everyday | September 29th, 2010

the day has finally come. finished my last final for school. any 6 month pregnant mama can understand my super excitement!! i literally woke up this morning a different person. (even though i had a dream about my final project last night….i had to participate in the health and wellness program that i designed. weird).
pumpkin spice latte
we shall have to go out and celebrate…but in the meantime i whipped up a homemade pumpkin spice latte this morning. first one of the season :) it’s not a fun color like good ole starbucks but it’s still fab! and here’s a few pics i wanted to share of around the house lately. makes me smile.
squirrel! molly has found a new friend. sits there all day. and every now and then chases it. ha
buried treasure
you can’t tell much, but molly just got through burying her dog bone i gave her. her poor lil white nose was brown.
this lil fella has made that hole twice as big now. sigh. i am definitely enjoying this cooler weather!! i am one happy mama.

peace and love