DIY vintage flower vases

Category: DIY | August 3rd, 2011

my sister gave me some tiny wine bottles she had sitting around since she didn’t like the taste. i wasn’t sure if i would like it either, but i couldn’t pass up these super cute and tiny bottles. (they are about 6 inches tall. hehe) clearly i knew i could do something with them…they are perfect for single stem flowers! sooo gave them a lil tlc. (also, it gave me an excuse to use this fabulous vintage fabric and vintage lace!)

did a little cutting, wrapping, tying, and yay! **bonus- you can change out the fabric underneath whenever you want since there’s no glue involved). now add some pretty flowers.

might do something similar to this for a special wedding shower coming up! (i’m helping with the decorations…eeek!) i can’t post too much about my ideas…don’t want the bride to be to know everything. that wouldn’t be fun. :)

happy tuesday everyone!