DIY pretty doily garland

Category: DIY | March 22nd, 2011

penelope and i have been hanging out in my little “studio” more lately (mainly bc husband doesn’t like it when i bring everything out in the living room and make a huge mess…i can’t help it if i want to be with him and craft at the same time!) :) anyways…so i have been wanting to decorate the room more and more each time i go in there. there already is a lot going on…but that is my style (and that’s the only room where i can really express it there) haha.

i have seen doily projects a lot lately and i had some on hand so i thought it would make a perfect addition to the room!

what you’ll need:
*pretty doilies (i used paper ones)
*leftover morning coffee (or you can use tea bags)
*some type of string

i soaked the doilies in the coffee for about 5 minutes and let them dry. **i noticed that when i dunked them in water first then soaked in the coffee…it worked out better. ;)

you can see the difference. a little vintage affect…even has the old, wrinkled look too. :) then i folded them in half.

hang up the string and then hang the doilies. and that’s it!

i love it! and so easy. (you can use some type of glue or tape to close up the doilies, but i like them slightly open) okay, now your turn! i’d love to see how yours turns out or where you hang it up! i had some extra so i put some up in penelope’s room. :)