dinner time!

Category: baby | July 26th, 2011

so tiny. so simple. so cute. :) miss penny’s first non breast milk meal. lol. yummy sweet potatoes. homemade, of course. ;) even though she’s already 6 months (still need to post her 6 months pics!) i want to wait just a little bit longer before feeding her baby food on a daily basis. but i had tons of sweet potatoes and this awesome cooker i haven’t used yet. plus…i can totally eat it too! it’s just sweet potatoes (although, i might have to add a little butter to mine) ;)

cut up one sweet potato, steamed it, blended it. and done. i LOVE this babycook by beaba. such a neat product! highly suggest it to whoever wants to cook their own baby food. so easy! and now here are lots of pics of P. ha

pretty sure of the 1/16 of the bowl she ate….half of that ended up on her face. ;)