did y’all miss me?

Category: everyday | March 19th, 2012

i kind of had my own spring break from the web apparently. been out of town and just too busy to sit down and think. :) but i am back! had a great time visiting my family. even though miss P had a rough few days. :( poor thing had a fever and has been teething with all of her molars at once!! even took her in to make sure she didn’t have an ear infection or anything, thankfully she didn’t. and very thankful i have a loving/understanding/supportive family who helped me with her and also let me take a shower once in a while. ;) i also realized she might be like me and prefer the hot tub over the pool. i mean it is nice. :) (fyi: the water temp was set lower so the babies could have fun in there). we had a packed weekend with my niece’s first soccer practice, lots of bubble blowing, playground time, feeding the ducks and birds (P might have fed herself a piece or two), swimming, and lots of family time.

oh and i don’t think i’ll be traveling anytime soon during spring break. the usual 4 hour trip took us 7 hours! seven! well about an hour of that was us getting out and taking a break from the car. so we walked around target and played peek a boo in all the dresses. it was a much needed break for us. surprisingly miss P did great in the car. she was so excited to see her daddy when we got home. i was too. :) i will not be making a solo trip anytime soon that’s for sure. ha. i have a few blog posts lined up so hopefully i can get back in the swing of things. hope everyone had a great spring break!!

(ps. still sad that i didn’t get to see my sweet alycia. next time. i promise. xox)