Category: everyday | June 5th, 2012

i decided to give “how i met your mother” a shot. it actually took me quite a few episodes to finally get into it, but i didn’t give up. gotta love netflix ;) i was laughing so hard last night that i had tears.

thinking about: how much time i have had to spend at the car place to get my car serviced. (3 times in 2 weeks = 12 hours total) it’s pretty ridiculous. i won’t go in details but i am not too happy with this place. thank goodness it was all under warranty and i didn’t have to pay them anything.

loving: my sweet little family. and how the mister is working extra hard for us. i am very blessed.

anticipating: the little road trip miss P and i will be taking soon to visit my family. soooooooo excited.

listening to: P say mommy over and over again in her super cute high pitched voice. apparently she doesn’t like mama so mommy it is. :)

eating: i drove past a chipotle on the way home from the car place so clearly i had to stop. i haven’t had chipotle in forrrever. it was delish.

feeling thankful for: sweet friends who will come over last minute to watch miss P and play with her all day….and send me sweet pics like the one above!