cozy home for my phone.

Category: DIY | February 18th, 2010

another knitting project to help me not forget how to do it. :) i am still learning!
knitting fun
i just started knitting…not really knowing what i was going to make. ha (this pic was from another camera so not the best color)

so then i decided my phone needed a comfy cover. i already have a case for my phone which does wonders, BUT i wanted something more fun/girlie/crafty. :) i was going to do this another way, but i liked how it turned out. gotta learn from experience some how. :)

after i knitted enough rows to fit my phone i folded it and added some stitching on the outside (i was going to fold it inside out but i like the decorative stitches)
phone home
i don’t know how to crochet (just yet) so i just braided some yarn instead and stitched it through the back and tada…nice lil closing.
this wouldn’t be complete without lil pom poms. here’s a lil how to. i made my uber small…but another lovely kristen @ domestifluff has an easy to follow pom pom tutorial too!
wrap around finger
step 1: wrap around one finger [the bigger pom pom you want…the more fingers you can wrap around AND/OR the more times you wrap around your finger(s)]
tie wrap
step 2: slide it off your finger and tie another piece of yarn around the middle of the wrapped yarn.
cut the loops
step 3: cut the loops on both sides of the wrapped yarn.
mini pom pom
step 4: fluff it up and trim to your liking. yay
step 5: i used the remainder of the middle tie yarn to tie around the end of the braids.
and yay. i think it turned out nicely. :)
love at first sight.

phone cover love
yes i am still in my warm robe. :)

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peace and love