couch potatoes

Category: everyday | January 5th, 2013

we have set up shop on the couch the past few days. poor penelope got sick first then she kindly gave it to me and her daddy. thankfully her daddy isn’t that bad since he has to work and be all productive. ;) we haven’t left the couch much. ruby is set up right next to us in her little hammock. lots of snuggles, lots of curious george episodes, and lots of coughing. this is penelope’s first time to really be sick and she is not handling it well. every time she coughs she starts crying. i think it hurts her throat and kind of freaks her out when she can’t breathe in between her coughing fits. :( i think we are getting better. i took her to her doctor on thursday and thankfully it’s just a virus and not the flu or anything bad like that. i hate seeing her sick. i thought i had the flu for awhile there…the fever was high and wouldn’t go away! but i haven’t had one today. PTL! i’m super thankful miss ruby hasn’t caught anything (mama’s milk is the best medicine!). :) i’m also trying to teach penelope to cover her mouth when she coughs. umm, maybe tomorrow. ;) i hope everyone else who has gotten sick over the holidays are well!! it’s no fun being sick!