cedar fever is evil

Category: everyday | January 10th, 2012

can i just say that these two guys are my best friends right about now….and especially at night. they let me sleep. it’s amazing. i don’t know if you have seasonal allergies, but cedar fever is the WORST for me. i get it every year around this time. and you would think i have learned and would work on that. well i try, but i’m the type…if i am feeling fine then i don’t take anything…as in i don’t take allergy meds every day when i feel fine…but i should apparently. ;) anyways….the black elderberry night formula is great! (tastes great too) and the neilmed sinus rinse. they seem to be doing the job because i am not waking up from constant sneezing, dripping, blowing my nose and waking up to a huge wet wad of kleenex on the floor.

this cedar fever has definitely interfered with my energy level and ability to stay up late…which isn’t helpful right now because i need to be using my nights crafting for P’s party…this saturday. :) oh well. doing the best i can. and there’s a few people that are helping. thank you!!!

well hope y’all have a happy tuesday!