cake balls to the rescue

Category: DIY, everyday | October 15th, 2009

changing it up….baking!!!!!!! everyone loves baking. giving all the credit to my bestie, Beth, who so graciously let me help her make these beauties one day. these are treats you make for everyone else because there are so many and so evil.  ; )

not sure what the official name is….so let’s go with **red velvet cake balls** classic.


it’s super easy and messy…but fun! here’s what you need. (these are the ones I chose but any brand will work)

magic ingredients

*red velvet cake mix*cream cheese icing*baking white chocolate (or milk chocolate)*

1. mix the cake mix together (box says to use canola oil and eggs so don’t forget those)

doesn’t it look fabulous

2. place in pan (you can use all sorts of sizes. the box informs you of how long to cook in the oven according to the size) we used the good ole 9×13 in. and cooked for about 35 minutes in the oven. so this is when you can do other crafts while waiting : ) oh and maybe drink some coffee. then yay

again, looks fab.

3. let it cool for about 30 minutes. you can speed up the process using the freezer too. once it’s cool, you can start getting messy and crumble up the cake in another bowl.

well done ellen : ) (she helped me out)

4. take the lovely container of cream cheese icing and mix it into the crumbles. now if you do not want your fingers to be pink for a few hours or so then assign someone else this project. ; )
icing mix

the best part.

5. again we placed the mix into the freezer to make the batter hard and easier to clump together. (clump is a funny word) we made them about quarter size, but you can make them however big or small. I think the smaller the more fun, then that way you have a lot…to share.
cake balls!

we placed them back in the original pan, and had to use another pan since there were so many.

6. while the balls were in the freezer (and there is no particular time how long to keep them in there, just as long as they are hardened) we melted the white chocolate bars. again you can use regular chocolate or even dark.
white chocolate

amazing white chocolate

7. then smother the cake balls in the white chocolate and set aside to dry. if you have extra you can cover them some more with extra goodness.
almost there

we placed them back in the pans so we could freeze them again. they can be eaten at room temperature or frozen. in my opinion I love them frozen.

8. if you have even more extra chocolate, or just to change them up a bit, you can use a fork to sprinkle more chocolate (because you can never have enough). plus they look fun!


9. it doesn’t take long for them to harden, so you can place them in a container in the freezer or eat them!
ta da!

: )

9 steps seem like a lot but it’s soooo worth it. thanks again beth!! you’re the best. plus everyone at my work will be happy.
if anyone tries this let me know how it works!! or if you change it up and get crazy!


peace and love

*joy is the best makeup     -Anne Lamott