bits + pieces

Category: everyday | March 3rd, 2012

one of my fav blogs to read is bleubird and she does a friday ritual called “bits + pieces.” i think i might give it a go too. (i know it’s technically saturday, but i wrote this post yesterday so that counts right?) i also realized i need to bust out with my canon more often instead of counting on my phone. :)

started off the day at the library for story time. she somewhat paid attention. :) played in barnes & noble for a bit and then ran around outside since it was gorgeous weather. when P took a nap i even busted out the paints and worked on the bathroom canvases that i have been putting off for forever. went on some walks, played outside some more, did some baby wearing (first time for the back position) and then P took out almost every toy in about 5 minutes. the last pic is a good view of what the end of the day looks like before i pick it all up. :) good day.