another side project: painting makeover

Category: DIY | January 4th, 2012

so i’ve had some painted canvases (that i wasn’t really feeling) stashed in my closet for quite some time now and i finally busted out with one to give it some tlc. i saw this painting on pinterest (of course) and so i gave it a go.

here’s the before. had to give it a couple of coats of white paint first off. i used the lovely cheap/fast drying acrylic paint. and i patiently waited for it to dry. then i painted a lil yellow here and there as the background. (meanwhile while it dried) i printed out the words i wanted to paint and cut them out. i sort of cheated this way…..but it gets the letters the same exact height and size and aligned nicely without all the hassle, so yes i cheated. ;)

i just taped the paper on the canvas and traced the letters. ***it would have been nice if i used freezer paper and ironed it on the canvas…then i could have just painted straight over the paper and been done. but i chickened out in fear of it not working and then have to start all over) :) so instead i went back and just painted the letters by hand, which took a little longer on the edges but oh well. i enjoyed it.

yay. i love how it turned out. simple. :) also…here’s a before the painting photo of the wall. lots and lots of frames (and yes some of them are crooked. adds character)

and the new wall. (and yes there is an empty frame on the right. hopefully that will be fixed soon. actually most of them need to be updated with new photos. need to stop slacking)

so can i just say that this photo right here is a nice representation of my life at the moment…unfinished projects and baby! hahaha. (not complaining though!) first off there’s a blank frame and some outdated photos on the wall. second, there are 4 vintage hangers to the left in our living room….waiting for the posters to flatten out so i can hang them. they are currently under a ton of heavy things. hopefully that is working. oh and yes that’s our entry way hall area and that is where the super fun mini playscape lives. P LOVES this thing (thanks grandma and pa-paw!) so i can’t move it. clearly. she plays on it all the time climbing up the slide and going down it on her bottom by herself! oh and the new thing is she loves to sit at the top of the slide and roll things down it to me. too cute! one day we will get a fun vintagey/salvaged console table to sit below the frames and painting. but for now i’m enjoying it all like it is. one day at a time people.