a workout…and a snack

Category: baby, everyday | July 21st, 2010

had the day off today. and already spent half of it doing house chores. boring. i did get the chance to go to a group exercise class a good friend of mine, will, put on at the church. it was nice. as a personal trainer…and not having worked out since i’ve been pregnant…i really needed it. i think (i hope) now that i’m in my 2nd trimester that i will get all that energy back and get back on schedule with workouts. :) well, i just wanted to pop in and say hi to all you lovely people. i am working on a little house project that i hope to share soon!
ps….i will admit that i bought some groceries (including a pint of cookies and cream ice cream) on the way home from workout. i will not admit that i ate the entire pint in one sitting when i got home. do i feel guilty? no. :) baby CLEARLY needed it. hopefully will shoucair does not read this. ;)
i love this little to do list. i want to make one like it. i can already check some things off :)

peace and love