a little distracted

Category: baby | January 29th, 2011

mama and penny
i do want to apologize to those who follow my little blog. i have been a little distracted by this sweet, sweet girl. i just cannot stop looking at her, holding her, kissing her, adoring her. so forgive me. :)
bath time
i am happy to report that she is super healthy and already passed her birth weight. she’s a good eater! i on the other hand have been taking quite some time to recover, but i am recovering beautifully says my midwife. about one more week and i should be fully healed. praise the LORD. cannot wait for that day. it has been a challenge getting around and doing the normal day to day stuff that we take for granted…like going the bathroom or showering. lol.
but i am super thankful for all the friends and family who have stayed, helped out, cooked, cleaned, spoiled, pampered, and all that jazz for us. i can’t express in words how grateful we are for everyone. i sure am enjoying every second with miss penny. pretty sure she hasn’t left my site. :) (i’m going to be one of those moms…haha).
i am working on my birth story (it’s going to be a long post) so get excited!! here’s to hoping i can get back on the blogging schedule asap. miss you guys!!
knit monkey

peace and love